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Life need not be so serious...

allowing it all to fall in to place.

An enlightened approach

to managing your life goals

and relationships.


Three Constant Pillars of the Human Condition
Distilled from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Model

  1. Physical Health

  2. A feeling of safety through a universal connection and thereby a deep-rooted grounding

  3. Knowledge toward transcendence and a draw from the universal power source   

Core Values

Individual life experiences, goals, beliefs and level of “suffering” are the determining factors of the program. There is no package or menu to choose from in our moment to moment life experiences. We work together in presence to shape our experience. Letting go of the outcome frees us to focus on the reality of the goal, the connection to the inner source that allows for transcendence in all aspects on human interaction and decision making. 



  1. No person, no animal, no – thing is without deeper purpose and connection 

  2. No action or interaction is perfunctory  


| Stillness | Yoga | Meditation | Reiki |

| Conscious Decision Making | 360 Learning/Coaching | 


Mindset Anchors

Clean living with a healthy lifestyle of exercise and value on nutrition set the foundation for building your life’s path and outcomes as you choose it. 



Jay Rubin has built his career as a sought-after professional with a proven track record in Fortune 500 corporate, medium and small business environments. His skills were forged in quality assurance test engineering, personnel and project management, legal and vendor relations with the ability to speak fluent “Geek”, build teams and tame chaos. 


Transcending from what seemed like the slavery of the entertainment industry to the “Dot-Com” bubble, to the world of high finance and then back to the current nexus of the western world… technology, Jay has held positions as an engineer, an analyst, a project manager, an operations manager a business unit manager, COO, Chief of Staff and President in “Corporate America”. 


These experiences paved the way that has opened the doors, grown the relationships and cultivated the gifts that Jay is here and ready to share and strengthen the connective tissue for the decision making paradigms of our industry’s leaders and all else who are ready to be a part of growing past the isolated thoughts and actions that hold us back from a universally filling state of being.

Jay’s thirst is coaching subordinates and colleagues through sharing creative problem solving and decision-making skills through a specially branded humanistic approach to life and the world we live in... 

Jay is a long-time denizen of Malibu, California where he lives with beautiful wife Dana of twenty-five years, a gifted photographer and their son, Tanner, who is in college studying to be a psychologist. 



“Jay clearly is one of the best. From attitude to action, he brings a full arsenal with him each and every day. He has a wide bandwidth and is capable of managing multiple projects at a time, continually shepherding them to successful conclusion. It was a privilege having had the opportunity to have him as part of the team."

Eric P Declercq 

President at Weichert Financial Services 

“I've known Jay for over ten years and have worked with him in three different technology positions, ranging from the fledgling start-up to the Fortune 500 corporation. As a seasoned technology executive, Jay cuts through red tape by holding true to his entrepreneurial center, simultaneously navigating the minutia of big corporate politics. Jay manages large projects by bridging the communication gap between "business-speak" and "tech-speak", investing in relationships throughout the organization as if everyone is a client. As a result, Jay works miracles. Add that Jay has a strong moral compass, and I can not think of one better hire than Jay to manage a growth-oriented technology venture."

Jeremy Hopkins 

Senior Director, Product Architecture at AppSmart 

“Jay Rubin is one the best people you can have supporting you. He is detail-oriented, trustworthy, and loyal. He is excellent in following-up, is very sensitive in handling delicate situations and is politically astute. He is an excellent project manager with particular strengths in organization and follow-up detail. It was my good fortune to have Jay as my ‘right-hand’ for over 3 years. Over this time, he became a highly valued member of my inner circle, was a source for generating ideas as well as an excellent sounding board for my thoughts and ideas. I recommend him in the highest of terms."

Steve Aaronson 

Sr. Proposal and Business Development Consultant at Aaronson and Associates 

“I worked with Jay in the past and he has excellent PM experience. He is also is an excellent business partner with human resources and talent acquisition. We worked on several projects that required to hire several people on multiple shifts and Jay was able to plan, streamline and execute the process. Jay made my job very easy through difficult projects while putting a smile on his team's faces including mine. I recommend Jay for any leadership role, he is an excellent leader and even better person."

Roy Modkins 

Healthcare Recruiter at vRad (Virtual Radiologic) 

“Jay Rubin is simply put one of the most dynamic individuals that I have ever worked with. While he is a Project Manager extraordinaire, he is also the best team player I have ever known. He has helped me put together a great team of individuals that are second to none and interdependent when added to the existing core team. Jay’s follow up skills are amazing as is his ability to multi-task thus enabling him to manage all of the particles within any module. When it comes to ethics, not only is he one of the most down to earth and straight-shooting individuals around, he also approaches things from a truly humanistic perspective and always does the right thing. Jay Rubin is an exceptional individual who I am honored to have known for the past decade and worked with since 2008."

Vince Bradley  

GM, Communication Services & VP, Corporate Development AppSmart 

“As general manager of Veritest, Jay Rubin was part of my management team as we integrated the Veritest acquisition into Lionbridge Technologies. Jay provided the insights and guidance I needed to make the move into leading this new team, and had the right focus on his people and the business to drive the results of customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and revenue that are critical not only to business success, but the successful integration of a key acquisition. Jay Rubin has the mix of technical insight, managerial skills, and strong commitment to teamwork that are critical to success and it was a pleasure to work with him."

John McVay 

Director Strategic Alliances at Teradici 

“Jay’s assistance came at a time when we needed someone on my team who could handle an allied business unit. Jay saw the problem, stepped right in and took the wrinkles of out the process, saving lots of people headaches. "

Mark Hanson 

QA Manager at SaleStream Software Inc. 

“Jay Rubin is, hands down, the best manager I have ever worked for in my 27 years in Telecom. While I admire his management skills, I admire his inter-personal skills even more!! Jay has a way of only utilizing positive motivation to get things done. He truly understands what matters and what doesn't; he doesn't sweat the small stuff. He allows his employees the freedom to do their jobs independently but is there in a heartbeat if his assistance is needed. Another thing I admire is his ability to communicate effectively. This is very important to me as I believe it is crucial in any relationship and Jay never fails to impress. I would highly recommend Jay for any management position, they just don't come any better!"

Kelly Wood 

Senior Implementation Specialist at AppSmart 

“On the day I met him, Jay Rubin became one of my most trusted friends. That's never happened, before or since. It's impossible to miss Jay's exuberance. What's tougher for most is to get that it's truly genuine: the product of heart, love for life, and faith. He's the guy a lot of people pretend to be when they're trying to impress. There isn't anyone I would more want representing my company. He sets the standard for professionalism and integrity to the people around him, consistently going the extra mile for his customers and colleagues, with extraordinary attention to detail. Jay has a great mind. He brings intelligence and insight to any discussion. More than that, he engages the people and listens in a way that brings out their best thinking, drawing people in instead of shouting them down - I think that's special. Like everyone, he has his bad days, or at least hours. But I've known him for fifteen years and I've seen him at his worst, but mostly how he always keeps bringing his best. And that's why I recommend Jay Rubin without hesitation."

Ted Alfino 

Lead Developer at Brault Practice Solutions 

“Jay's innate ability to handle multiple responsibilities and stay focus on many follow throughs are the two main sources of his success as a project manager. He can zone on multiple tasks and see them through completion. While Jay was reporting to me, I was rest assured a project is done when I assigned it to Jay. Jay will find ways under, above, and through obstacles. His natural people skill adds to his ability to build formal and informal network and get the job done."

Marjan Mohtashami 

Senior Vice President of PMO at Bank of America Home Loans

In the time I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jay he has proven himself to be a steady and reliable navigator in our lightening fast world. He has consistently been a resource of  great encouragement and objective guidance whereby he draws upon his wealth of experience in the art if communication supported by his genuine desire to listen carefully and speak from the angles that can often be dismissed as we juggle the sometimes overwhelming pressure that comes with leading any business venture. 

Be it small or large he understands and truly cares about not only the mechanics involved but also the lives of all who are vested in the next level aspirations for your business. 


Jay is a true consultant that you can trust will treat your vision with the utmost of care balanced by realistic goal setting producing results beyond your expectations."

Bill Picciano/Owner

P2A Post Production



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